The Guild Code of Practice

As a member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen we must meet the following requirements:

  1. At all times reach the satisfactory standards of workmanship required by The Guild.
  2. All complaints brought to the attention of The Guild must be dealt with speedily and satisfactorily. When The Guild writes to a member about such matters, the member is obliged to reply in writing without delay. Failure to do so can constitute a legitimate reason for expulsion from The Guild.
  3. Members should be aware of their legal obligations. Guidance on legislation is available from the Office of Fair Trading Tel: 08457 22 44 99. Information can be downloaded from their website or ordered free of charge by calling 0800 389 3158.
  4. Members should provide their membership number to members of the general public when requested to do so.
  5. Members should make sub-contractors aware of their Guild membership and the resultant obligations this places on the sub-contractors to work to the standards required by The Guild.
  6. All members will use their best endeavours to abide by any agreed timetables of work and delivery.
  7. All members should obtain prior approval from the customer (preferably in writing) for any variation to the agreed work.
  8. All members should ensure that any remedial work consequent upon the practical completion of a contract is finished to a good standard and in accordance with the agreed timetable.
  9. All members should provide all customers with a choice of materials or goods where appropriate together with clear explanations of their relative merits and costs.
  10. All members will agree to an independent inspection when this is suggested by The Guild and co-operate with and abide by the decision of the independent expert appointed by The Guild.
  11. All members should have fully paid-up public and employer’s liability insurance cover.
  12. All members must allow their work to be inspected.
  13. Partnerships must adhere to the Business Names Act 1985 – that is where the partners’ names do not appear in the title of the firm they must appear on all stationary.
  14. All estimate and invoices must bear the VAT number and all prices will indicate whether they are inclusive of VAT.
  15. Any franchisor granted membership must have signed an undertaking that the franchisor itself will deal with any complaints from customers of the franchisees speedily and satisfactory.
  16. Once membership has ceased for whatever reason, The Guild logo may no longer be displayed by the ex-member in any form whatsoever and all promotional material should be returned. Immediate steps must be taken to cancel amend all advertisements and respondents to advertisements featuring the logo must be informed immediately of the cessation of membership. The Guild will require from the ex-member written evidence that this has been done.
  17. The Council of Management reserves the right to expel members when their behaviour and / or workmanship are deemed to have fallen below the standard required by The Guild’s Aim and Objectives and qualifications for membership. The member will have the right to appeal to the Council of Managements against such dismissal by appearing in person and producing evidence to show that it is unjustified. The decision of the Council will be final. No refund of subscription will be made.

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