Price Guarantee

We will not compromise on quality

We would like to take this opportunity to explain our pricing strategy. We are very proud of each project that we undertake and treat each one very seriously starting with the initial quotation. We will not compromise on the quality of our services or the products that we use. As a result we are rarely the very cheapest quote available, nor are we the most expensive. It’s the quote that may seem comparatively expensive not your final bill. We know exactly what’s involved to complete your job, to building regulations and your personal specification and price accordingly.

It’s fair and it’s simple

On completion of your job there will not be any unexpected extra costs.  We do not offer you a ”foot in the door” quote, then hit you with extras that you thought should be included in the initial price.  The price you will pay will be the price quoted, for the work quoted for. We will also not compromise on the materials that we use or cut corners for our own financial gain. However on many occasions if a client has adjusted their requirements we have even managed to reduce their final price. It’s fair and it’s simple.  We also understand how building an extension can have an organic feel so we will always try to accomodate small changes wherever possible.

“What we quote is what you pay, for the work that you requested. That’s our Price Guarantee.”

How VAT can be a good thing

Nobody likes paying VAT. It’s that extra cost that is usually hidden within the price of most of the products that we all buy. The building industry is no different. Both materials and labour are subject to VAT. We’re not going to say that we are proud to be VAT registered but it can be seen as a good indicator for a building company specialising in building extensions.

The current VAT threshold for any company in the UK is £81,000. If you consider that the average cost of a single storey extension that we have built over the last few years is just over £30,000 and for a double storey extension it is just over £50,000, it would not take a reputable building firm many extensions to break through this figure and have to register for VAT. So VAT may put a slight dent in your wallet but can be good for your peace of mind. We average between 5 – 7 extensions a year depending on the size. Being subject to VAT is unavoidable for us. If you’re considering a company who is not VAT registered you may wish to ask them how many extensions they have completed.

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