The outside of your house can be just as important as the inside. By creating that little slice of paradise just outside your back door can be a great feeling. Martin Shaw Building Services can offer a range of solutions. A new patio or decked area can be like adding an extra room to your home.

Maybe you require new fencing. We can offer a range of styles and shapes to suit your taste from concrete posts and 6ft panels to decorative screen divides. Create a secluded and peaceful place to unwind after a hard day at work by erecting a new pergola or Gazebo.

If its greenery you are more interested in why not opt for a new lawn. We only use the finest turf from locally sourced suppliers. You could add depth with raised borders or flower beds constructed from brick or railway sleepers. For gardens that slope it may be retaining walls that you require. By creating a tiered affect you can utilise more of your garden and divide you land into separate usable spaces.

By adopting any of these ideas and adding a sprinkling of your own imagination you could have the garden of your dreams. It does not have to cost the earth (pun intended) to have your own slice of heaven. If you feel that we could help with any of your landscaping solutions then please do not hesitate to get in touch for a free quotation and advice.

Landscaping gallery

Simon's Wall ThumbnailSimon’s Wall

This wall was extended around Simon’s property. It was extended using reclaimed bricks to match the original wall.

Click here to view full details of Simon’s wall.

Jenny's Patio ThumbnailJenny’s Patio

This large patio involved many aspects including excavation, a retaining wall and railing and gate.

Click here to view full details of Jenny’s patio.



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