Sue and Harry’s Single-Storey Rear Extension


Sue and Harry came to us requiring a single-storey kitchen extension to their Edwardian home. The former building that can be seen in the first photo was an old coal shed and toilet. As you can see it had been left for quite a while. It even had a tree growing out of the coal. After carefully dismantling the old building and trimming back the bushes,  we were able to reuse many of the old bricks in the construction of the new extension alongside reclaimed bricks of a similar age. This sympathetic extension gave Sue and Harry the extra kitchen space that they required. The wooden windows were installed throughout the home and the new extension providing continuity and a seamless design.

This extension was part of a larger project that included a complete renovation of the house. This involved complete electrical rewiring, central heating installation, a new kitchen, bathroom, refurbishment and decorating in every room, as well as the wooden windows throughout. We will be adding photos of all of this work soon.

If you would like a single-storey rear extension like Sue and Harry’s you can complete the extensions enquiry form on the left and we will get back to you to arrange a visit.

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