Philips Double Storey Side Extension & Single Storey Rear Extension and Internal Renovation

Philip was a first time property developer who needed help turning his first purchase into a profitable venture. He bought this semi-detached house with the idea to renovate it and add a double storey side extension and a single storey rear extension.

The complete interior was also renovated with a new central heating system, a total electrical re-wire, plastering throughout, a new staircase, a new bathroom, a new en-suite and a new kitchen. Philip had a close relationship with a decorator who did a great job throughout the entire house. As you can see by the pictures the transformation was quite remarkable.

The property isn’t far from where my dear Mom lives and I am always really proud when I drive past and see it. The new owners have moved in and seem to be really enjoying the space. I’m not sure how much Philip made on the property, but I can guess that he didn’t do too badly.

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