Joans Single Storey Rear Extension including Bi-Fold Doors


Joan had a very tired lean too conservatory. When I first met Joan she literally would not let me step into the conservatory for fear of it sinking further. I usually don’t worry too much about buildings falling down; I know how hard they can be to dismantle, even when they look derelict. However, in this case I think she might have had a point. The floor was rotten and the walls were leaning and the windows broken. She has asked me to mention though that her Dad built the conservatory 48 years ago. So, to be fair, it did stand the test of time.

As you can see the outcome is a complete transformation. Several steels were inserted to carry the new roof which includes a skylight. Two sets of Aluminium Bi-Fold doors were fitted and when completely open really allows the outside garden into Joan’s new living room. Joan told me that even mundane daily chores, like ironing have become a pleasure. On a clear night you can look up and see the stars, and on a sunny day Joan opens up the doors to take in the summer.

I popped round to see Joan one year after we completed her extension and had a chat. She was really happy and told me how the extension had changed her living space. She hardly uses the front living room even though it faces south preferring to spend the time in the north facing extension. I took a few additional photos to add to the galley and as you can see she has certainly made the space her own.

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