Can you get a High Spec, for a Low Price, at a Fast Pace?

Quality vs Price vs Speed. You Must Decide

There is an age old problem that faces the building industry that is often misunderstood. You cannot get a builder who can deliver a high quality product such as your extension for a low price and at a fast pace. By producing a high quality build you must employ a builder who uses high quality materials and takes his time to complete the work correctly. If you need a high quality project at a fast pace your builder must employ more high quality tradesmen, but this costs more money. If you require a cheap project then he can employ cheaper labour, use cheap materials or both. As you can guess the quality will suffer with this approach. If time is not an issue you could learn the relevant skills yourself or employ semi-retired skilled tradesmen, but this would be frustrating slow.

Option 1.   High Quality = Higher Cost or Slower Pace
Option 2.   High Speed  + High Quality = Higher Cost
Option 3.   Lower Cost =  Slower Pace or Lower Quality

If you tug on one aspect of the triangle another aspect will undoubtedly suffer. If you find a builder that offers you a quote that can deliver all three, something is not quite right. High quality, with a fast pace, at a low price just does not exist. He’s using sub-standard materials, cheating his workforce or on the verge of going broke. Whichever it is I would avoid his tempting offer.

You must choose which one of the three aspects is the most important to you. With this as a starting point you can then construct a picture of the type of extension you’re looking for and therefore the builder you require.

However, if you look carefully or work closely with a trusted builder you can find the magic solution.

Option 4.   Good Quality = Fair Price = Steady Pace.

If you think the cheap option 3 is the solution for you then I can only apologise as we will not compromise on the quality of our work and therefore we do not offer really cheap quotes. We have found that as much as some clients require their job completed cheaply at the end of the project they still expect a high standard of work. And rightly so. But as I have explained above, this is just not possible with a low budget. I would much rather loose a few clients for being too expensive for their budget than loose future clients by producing sub-standard work.

If you think option 1, 2 or 4 is the solution for your extension then fill in the form on the left or call the number at the top of the page to arrange an appointment. You will notice that these options all offer a high quality finish.

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