The Accreditus Register

We are monitored by The Acceditus Register. Every project that we undertake is monitored using a customer survey questionnaire. To even be considered to join the register you must first have a quality score of 70% from previous clients. If you have a quality score of 80% or more your workmanship is considered Excellent. We currently have a quality score or 95%. We mention this because we are very proud of this score. It is good news for you as you can be assured that when we undertake your project we do not want this score to drop.

The unique Accreditus System of monitoring has been perfected over decades, and comprises of 6 steps: -

Step 1: Personal Assessment

We were personally visited by a Regional Manager. They do not accept Applications via theTelephone, Post or Web. They insisted on a face to face meeting to gain a clear picture of our business.

Step 2: Background Financial Check

Our financial information was checked for detrimental history and is monitored thereafter. You can be assured that we have the finances to fund your project.

Step 3: Binding Disputes Procedure

We are bound by The Accreditus Registers Code of Conduct, which gives added protection to both you, the Client and to us, the Trader. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with our work, the Code of Conduct provides a set procedure for resolving the dispute. The Accreditus Register is Independent in this process and will support whoever is found to be in the right.

Step 4: Detailed Customer Surveys

A substantial number of previous Clients are surveyed in depth by The Accreditus Register regarding all aspects of their experiences with us. The results are analysed and form a template for improving our Business. We are continuously ironing out minor problems so that we can provide you with the highest standard of work available.

Step 5: Public Liability Insurance

A copy of our valid Public Liability Certificate must be held on file at all times. You can be assured that if any accidents occur, we’re covered.

Step 6: Continual Monitoring

Once accepted onto the Register, our performance is monitored on a continual basis by means of the Accreditus System. Only Traders who maintain the highest levels of Customer Satisfaction are allowed onto the Register. As I mentioned we currently have a quality score of 94% and we do not want this to drop.


The surveys are sent directly to you from The Accreditus Register. We have no involvement or influence as you complete them. This ensures that the next client has access to a honest quality score and you are certain that all previous clients were given the opportunity to complete the form and not just our best clients who might rate us highly. We have such confidence in our standard of work that we have no issues with this process at all. To check out our credentials visit the Accreditus Register website